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Modalert For Sale, Father’s day has come and gone this year and I enjoyed the gifts and attention I got from my kids and wife. And as in years past, Modalert natural, Modalert street price, I spent some of the day thinking of my own father. Art Moreau has been dead for nearly 21 years, Modalert blogs, Where can i order Modalert without prescription, a victim of a Type-A personality, a fondness for steak and martinis, Modalert online cod, Modalert maximum dosage, and a genetic predisposition for heart trouble. When he died he was an Admiral in the US Navy, Modalert brand name, Low dose Modalert, a strategic planner and a man devoted to his country, his wife and his family, doses Modalert work. Buy cheap Modalert, I was in college when he had a massive heart attack that left him unable to complete his tour of duty in Naples, Italy, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. He could not accept the fact that the heart attack sidelined him and refused to completely acknowledge it until a second heart attack followed the first by several weeks, finishing the job, Modalert For Sale. Modalert steet value, His was a storied career that included planning the invasion of Grenada in 1983. He was home early the evening before the invasion having dinner in front of the television when he suddenly rose, buy Modalert from canada, Fast shipping Modalert, indicating that he had to go to bed early as he was expecting something "interesting" at work the following morning. I remember asking what it was, Modalert without a prescription, Where to buy Modalert, what could be so interesting to drive my father to bed early. He told me that he’d be at work early and that I should watch the news, purchase Modalert online. Modalert For Sale, The following day I learned of the invasion from Dan Rather. Modalert overnight, Dad didn’t come home for several days, sleeping in the office because that’s where he was needed, online buy Modalert without a prescription. Modalert australia, uk, us, usa, He planned the interception of the Achille Lauro highjackers in 1985 after terrorists killed a wheelchair-bound American tourist and threw his body overboard. The terrorists negotiated safe passage aboard an airliner bound for Egypt in exchange for leaving the ocean liner, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Modalert pictures, The airliner was brought down by US Navy fighters in Sigonella, Sicily, online buying Modalert hcl, Buy Modalert from mexico, a NATO base.

When he died he was Commander in Chief of Allied Forces in Southern Europe (CINC AFSouth) as well as Commander in Chief of the US Navy in Europe (CINC USNAV EUR) and next in line to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Modalert For Sale. He worked with General Colin Powell and had some part in the Iran-Contra scandal, buy no prescription Modalert online. Modalert canada, mexico, india, He is the man who coined the phrase "Star Wars" to describe President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

Above and beyond all of this, Modalert duration, My Modalert experience, he was my father; a man who set the bar high, but who did not miss an opportunity for fun, real brand Modalert online. Modalert for sale, He taught me how to hot-wire a tractor. Modalert For Sale, He taught me to treat women with respect and dignity. He taught me how to water-ski and to snorkel, buy Modalert no prescription. Discount Modalert, We took scuba lessons together when I was 12 so that we could dive on an old Spanish Galleon in the harbor in Subic Bay. He encouraged me to join the Boy Scouts although I didn’t get very far, Modalert from mexico. Modalert results, We camped and we hiked.

He encouraged my brothers and sisters and me to be athletic, Modalert For Sale. My brothers and I all ran track and cross-country, Modalert dosage. My brother Steve went on to captain the Naval Academy Crew team. Dad’s theory on sports was that kids who came home tired were less likely to get into trouble. It was a faulty theory, one that we disproved time and time again. Modalert For Sale, He was a sailor and swore like one, knowing exactly what word to use for maximum impact – not for shock but to drive the point home. It’s a talent that I picked up and use to this day. One should have a vast tapestry of swear words at hand to choose from and not rely on a single word; that’s just lazy. Shortly after I started writing in earnest, it occurred to me that my ability to turn a phrase is something that I picked up from him.

Perhaps the best thing he ever taught me was "RFQ2." Read the fucking question twice. Sort of like “Measure Twice, Cut Once" but better. RFQ2 got me through many an exam in high school, college and grad school.

On this Father’s Day 2007, to my father Admiral Art Moreau: I think of you every day and I miss you still.

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9 Responses to “Modalert For Sale”

  1. K says:

    What an amazing tribute.

  2. Cindy says:

    Art Moreau – I never met him but I admire him greatly …. not for any of his astounding career achievements, but for this: By his actions and example, he shaped the characters of two important men in my life who represent, at their very core, the best qualities any husband, son, brother, father could hope to have. They are part of the large living tribute to Adm. Art Moreau .

  3. Bruce Canon says:


    You were one of my running partners at Mt. Vernon High School my freshman year. I remember how you spoke of you Dad with great pride. My Dad is about to pass and I can only hope that I can speak of him with the respect that is due in balance with the love that he deserves. I hope that after all these years we can reconnect…

    Bruce Cannon

  4. Don Oberloh says:

    Yes, an amazing tribute to an amazing man.
    He was inspirational to me in HS at Subic.
    Your mom made great homemade spagetti noodles also. Too bad, though that your father was unable to teach your brother Steve about honor.

    May he be proud of you though

  5. Chris says:

    I remember you, Don. You were on the track team, right?
    I guess I don’t understand the following:
    “Too bad, though that your father was unable to teach your brother Steve about honor.”

  6. [...] Someone from my family’s past crawled out of the woodwork this week. A gentleman named Don Oberloh submitted a comment about blog entry I posted in 2007 about my father. His comment indicated that he too held my father in high esteem. All good so far. [...]

  7. Apcalis says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to subscribe to this, Thanks.

  8. amazing tribute!!!

  9. heel lifts says:

    exemplary work. You have gained a new subscriber. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your interesting posts.

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