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Toprol XL For Sale, I live in a neighborhood outside the beltway in the northwest corner of Springfield, VA. If I throw a rock west I hit Burke; if I throw a rock north I hit Fairfax, Toprol XL street price. Generic Toprol XL, It’s a nice place called King’s Park. The streets names all have some relevance to London, Toprol XL australia, uk, us, usa, Discount Toprol XL, England. There’s Piccadilly, order Toprol XL no prescription, Toprol XL alternatives, Southampton, Thames, online buy Toprol XL without a prescription, Buy no prescription Toprol XL online, Trafalgar.

My wife and I moved here ten years ago when the neighborhood was transforming and we had no kids. The empty-nesters were leaving and it was unclear whether the homes would be taken up by younger people with children or perhaps turn into a rental community, Toprol XL For Sale. We really anguished over this when we bought, online Toprol XL without a prescription, Toprol XL class, but finally bit the bullet. Our house was among the more expensive for sale in the neighborhood at the time because it was well maintained plus it had several renovations and updates that were not yet common on the streets of King’s Park, Toprol XL dangers. Buy Toprol XL no prescription, It worked out well for us because right after we bought, the housing market took off like a Fourth of July rocket, buy cheap Toprol XL no rx. Toprol XL maximum dosage, Lucky timing.

It has been interesting to watch the neighborhood change. Toprol XL For Sale, In the past five years or so, as the housing market heated up and made affordable housing more and more scarce, some entrepreneurial souls figured out that they could run hotels for recent immigrants out of the available houses.

It didn’t happen all by itself; it took a number of planets lining up just right to make it possible. Affordable housing was (and is) in short supply in Northern Virginia, Toprol XL pictures. About Toprol XL, Interest rates were low, especially the teaser rates, Toprol XL without a prescription. Get Toprol XL, Housing values appreciated to a point where people who might not otherwise have sold were happy to take their money and run.

We had one of these on my cul-de-sac. A Hispanic gentleman purchased a split foyer house and renovated it so that he and his family could live on the top floor and he could sublet the rooms on the bottom floor, Toprol XL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. He chopped up the bottom floor into four or five bedrooms each fitted with a cable connection, Toprol XL For Sale. Toprol XL recreational, There is also a single bathroom and a kitchenette down there.

As neighbors, they pretty much kept to themselves, Toprol XL schedule. Purchase Toprol XL, On the up side the lawn was always neatly mowed (something I can’t say for some other owners, like the guy who only mows his back yard twice a year whether it needs it or not), Toprol XL steet value, Buy Toprol XL from canada, the people were friendly if a little standoffish, and each morning as I drove to work, Toprol XL use, Order Toprol XL online overnight delivery no prescription, I watched the men roll out the basement door to go to work, either into a waiting work van or on a bicycle, after Toprol XL. Herbal Toprol XL, It wasn’t the nightmare you hear about in other neighborhoods where a dozen drunken belligerent illegals are hanging out on the front porch drinking 40s and whizzing on the lawn.

Then the housing bubble burst and the house was foreclosed on. It emptied over night, what is Toprol XL. Toprol XL For Sale, Another neighbor and I went down to check the house out, to make sure there wasn’t a dead body in there or anything. Toprol XL dosage, He even brought a couple bug bombs that we left on our way out to keep the vermin count down to a reasonable level. The house sold at auction this weekend and I hope a family moves in, canada, mexico, india. Buy Toprol XL online cod, We’ll see.

When King’s Park was built, the developer put in two swimming pools, australia, uk, us, usa. Toprol XL used for, One was down at the end of my street. That made our life easy because we could walk to the pool and during the warm months, that’s what we did, Toprol XL For Sale. Four nights out of seven we could be found swimming at Royal Pool, Toprol XL treatment, dining on sandwiches or pizza or leftovers. Royal Pool was a funky little neighborhood pool that was run on a shoestring budget, a budget that was largely generated by us selling hot dogs to ourselves.

The other pool in the neighborhood, Parliament Pool, was much better funded and we at Royal felt that the Parliament Pool people were a bit elitist, looking down their noses at us. Ultimately, there simply were not enough families to support two pools in Kings Park and Royal Pool, being the weak sister, finally bit the dust. Now everyone goes to Parliament and although it’s a nicer pool than Royal was, it’s nearly always crowded. Toprol XL For Sale, We still go to the pool almost nightly during the summer, but we have to drive now since it’s so far away.

It’s interesting to watch renovations in the neighborhood. We’re now to the point where just about every house has replaced the old single pane, sliding windows. Many of the screened in porches have either been updated or closed in to create a sunroom. People have added on to varying degrees and the additions really change the way the houses look. On the one extreme, there’s the two-story split foyer that popped the roof off and added an entire third story. It’s a nice addition, but probably a little big for the neighborhood, Toprol XL For Sale. Across the middle of the continuum are the bump-outs, the extra room additions, the new garages with a room above, the broad wrap-around porch that increases the usable living space. These are all in line with the neighborhood and each of them adds a personal touch to the house. They become more like homes and less like houses. The other end of the spectrum are the rentals that have no updates. Toprol XL For Sale, Fortunately, there are few of these.

In all, it’s a nice neighborhood. I like living here. We’re considering adding on. People come and people go; the market ebbs and flows. But we like it and it looks like were going to stay. Drop by for a visit..

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18 Responses to “Toprol XL For Sale”

  1. KARL (WITH A k ) says:

    shucks, just wrote a whole blog of thisa and thata and lost the whole damn thing…so will not reconstruct the ruminations and trivia….except to say that we look forward to seeing you during our visit with Katie.
    I will briefly tell you that I continue to be very concerned about her health. fondly to you all, Karl

  2. [...] When housing was hot, someone turned a single family house in ChrisMoreau’s Springfield, Va. neighborhood into a group home for immigrants. And then came the housing bust. [...]

  3. k says:

    Over in Kings Park West, things are pretty similar. We had a split foyer Brady Bunch-style house like that across the street that a series of Korean investors were trying to flip. Eventually, they split it into two apartments. The renters were nice enough except when they were parking on the grass. It, too, was foreclosed on and sold by the bank. There is now a nice single Korean family living there with their kids. It’s a huge improvement.

  4. CS says:

    sorry to hear about Royal Pool. I grew up in Kings Park in the 1980-1992 timeframe and frequented Royal pool. Parliment has, however, always been the better pool. They had an active community board, whereas Royal’s was kinda lax. Anyway, keep the Park going!
    I have one question, what happened to the Royal Pool Complex?


  5. Chris says:

    The pool was bulldozed and filled in, covered over with grass. The property was picked up by Fairfax County to expand King’s Park Park, since the existing park and the pool property abutted. There has been talk about putting a pavilion up and I think there is a meeting coming up with the county on what further, if anything, will be done with the property.

  6. CS says:

    thanks for the info.


  7. KP Vet says:

    I grew up in Kings Park too – you should’ve seen the neighborhood back in the ’70s/’80s. The empty nesters that were leaving when you arrived all had large families and were very involved in the neighborhood. I remember streets being shut down every year for block parties. Halloween night looked like Times Square. As a kid I could walk/bike to the pool, park, school, dentist, doctor, grocery, drug store, or hardware.

    Thanks to expired HOA covenants, you can do just about anything you want to your property in Kings Park – and people have. By the ’80s it seemed like another one of these great families left every year to move to Burke.

    A few years back my mother finally stopped buying candy for trick-or-treaters, and only knew a couple of neighbors. Then an all-out boarding house opened at the corner of Kings Park Drive and Victoria Road – pathetic.

    We belonged to Royal Pool. Right on that Parliament members looked down on us…but, I finally realized that they should have – they had a better pool. Royal’s biggest problem was that it was built in a forest. There were about 2 hours during the day that the sun hit the water, which produced about 2 weeks in the summer when the pool wasn’t freezing. Kids hate that. It was a shame to see the pool go – it would be needed if the neighborhood ever recovered.

    I sure hope it does – Kings Park was a great place to grow up.

  8. Hi there. I am going to check it, since I saw a comment in another site regarding \”It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood\”. Someone related to candy wrapping supplies. Thanks anyway.

  9. Mark says:

    Stumbled onto your posting about KP and Royal Pool. My family was one of the original owners (1962) in the first block of houses built which consisted of Cromwell and Victoria between Kings Park Dr and Parliament Dr. We had the King model (Cape Cod style) and were on Victoria just two houses down from Parliament Dr. That section of Victoria was a great sledding hill. We were a Navy family, so we lived there about 4 yrs, moved away for 6 and then came back for another 5-6. I think we added one of the first additions in the neighborhood, bumping out the back of the house. After I graduated from LBSS in 1976 my parents moved out to Fairfax but kept the KP house for another dozen years. It’s too bad about Royal Pool. We used to hang out there all the time and it had a really competitive swim team back in the early days. KP Park and the woods that surround it were a great play area in the days when we wandered the neighborhood all day long in the summer and our parents didn’t have to worry about where we were. Heck, I probably climbed around your house while it was being built. I’m glad to hear that it is still a good neighborhood, My parents had offered to sell my wife and I our old house, but we weren’t ready for that task at the time. Maybe we should have! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks, Mark & KP Vet. It’s nice to have the perspective. I still think KP is a great place. My kids love the schools, we have parks and lots of other kids, cub scouts and brownies, creeks and pools and parks.
    Everything changes and we’re rolling with it. Sad to see some things change but happy for other improvements. I’m glad my kids are getting to grow up here.

  11. Provans says:

    We just bought a place in KP and are excited to plant roots and eventually raise a family there. It’s really interesting to hear about the history and evolution of the neighborhood. Thanks for the info

  12. Chris says:

    @Provans: Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you love it as much as we do.

  13. Scott says:

    I agree, Kings Park was a great place to grow up. Our house was on Cromwell Drive. We were there from the late 60’s until the early 80’s. Our house backed up to the creek which backed up to the park with basketball courts (gone), tennis courts, baseball field, playground and pool. Growing up in the 70’s in that setting was ideal. The swim team at Royal was rocking with a lot of support form the swim team families. Back then there was a steak and shrimp night as a fundraiser and it ran until the kegs were dry. Every 4th of July there was a parade, they would grease a watermelon and drop it in the pool and whoever managed to get it out first got to keep it. In the evenings in the summer occasionally the park system would bring in a mobile bandstand and if I remember correctly the Fairfax County Orchestra would play. The kids could walk to school without adult supervision with crossing guards at every corner. We could ride our Schwinn Stingrays up to Kings Park Shopping Center to buy candy or sodas at People’s Drug Store (gone) or Giant or get a slice of pizza at Fortuna restaurant (gone). My son who is 14 now loved to hear stories from when I was a kid growing up there and through the years we have visited several times. He loved jumping across the creek at various points like we used to on a dare. Well I have already gone on too long. It is nice to see current residents taking pride in the old hood. Hopefully it will be a strong family neighborhood again with families and new kids bringing it back to life.

  14. My sister and I really have to thank you, this was very good to read..

  15. Ben E says:

    This was so nice to read. I grew up in King Park. My parents moved there in 1982 or 1983, when I was about a year old, and I lived there until 1999. Shame about Royal Pool. We used to go there nearly every day during the summer, walking from Victoria & Thames, usually unsupervised. We’d spend the whole day there until the place shut down, buying ice pops and playing Uno and trying to touch that grate at the bottom of the deep end of the pool…

    And the creek! I spent so many days hopping around the creek…

    Good times.

  16. Wendy says:

    I grew up in Kings Park and went to Royal. I swam on the team and coached it for many years while managing the pool. I have many happy memories of the pool and the neighborhood. It was a wonderful pool with many great families. I only wish the pool could have held on a few more years so I could have taken my own kids.

  17. Paul says:

    Just landed on this site. Its great to read about KP neighbors from the 60’s. We moved to Parliament Dr in 1962. When Royal Pool opened in 63? I was the first kid in the door. The lifeguard said “into the shower first!” Anyway, us boys jumped in and it was cold alright. The place was always full. The teenagers seemed old and were diving off the boards. There was the children’s slide. Some lifeguard tossed in a roll of pennies and the kids would dive in to collect them. One coin was a winner for a $10 prize. Also remember when Parliament Pool was added near Southampton. It was huge, like a parking lot! Royal park was great too. Plenty of creeks to play in and the small baseball field. We had boys club football there in the Fall.

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